Enabling girls to pursue interests in the STEM fields


The Disconnect

The number of women choosing to pursue technology related fields is drastically disproportionate to the number of men those same fields. (NSF)

Girls need more encouragement from a younger age to continue into the fields of Engineering and Computer Science throughout their education. 



Computer Science and Engineering industries can only benefit from an increase in the number of women in technology. Diversity in anything is critical to success. We aim to empower girls with the ability to make an informed choice about their future by exposing them to new technologies that interest them. 

We conduct workshops and day camps that aim to teach girls new technologies that combine engineering, computer science and the arts.

Research and Development

Identifying new, engaging technologies that span multiple disciplines


Engaging participants, volunteers and sponsors.

Open Source

Creating handy online guides explaining each activity, enabling anyone to lead their own workshop.


“Yes! This class has really broadened my horizons on technology. ”

Participant, when asked if she would take a future class in electronics or computer science because of the workshop.


Our Plan

Research & Development

We are continually researching creative ways to deploy programming curriculum to girls. We target girls in the 5th and 6th grades and try our best to incorporate parents, guardians and others to encourage the girls exploration after the workshop or camp is over.

We are currently experimenting with the use of microcontrollers and Scratch in the classroom and are working to build out more formal curriculum to share online.



We partner with local organizations, girls conferences and other volunteer programs to share our curriculum.

In the Dallas Area, we encourage you to check out Fashioning Circuits for related events.

In the NYC Area, keep on the lookout for upcoming workshops.

Want to start your own fashioning technology club? Message us for more information.


Open Source Curriculum

Coming Soon! We are currently working on building out small sharable projects and kits that you can make at home.



We started Etiquette Creative with the goal of finding a way to encourage girls to enter into STEM fields. With an understanding of the disparity between the number of men and women in STEM fields, we began researching ways to engage girls in technology at a younger age.

We used the LilyPad Arduino, a microcontroller designed by Leah Buechley, as a test case and created an hour long workshop called "Tinkering with Microcontrollers". With the support of the University of Texas at Dallas EMAC Program and the Design Your World, Conference for Girls, we conducted our first experimental session with a group of 20 middle-school girls; and it was great! The girls lit up their own microcontrollers after learning about:

  • Engineering job roles from fellow women engineers
  • What is an Arduino
  • How to code in Sketch 

What was a 30-minute workshop quickly grew into a three-day, hands-on intensive camp for girls. We reformatted and grew the program to include all phases of the product lifecycle including design, prototype, build and test of their own light up bag.

Our goal is to empower girls with the ability to make an informed choice about their future by exposing them to new technologies that interest them. We are dedicated to providing programming workshops that are interesting and intellectually challenging for young girls to create a talent pipeline for the STEM industries.


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